To Encourage. To Equip. To Strengthen.



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Meet Aaron Jacobs

Aaron, his wife Brita, and their two sons, Grey and Smith, live in Spring, TX. He is the Campus Pastor at Declaration Church.  

Aaron believes that his calling is to bring encouraging messages that are not only instructional, but inspirational and humorous.  Today is not a day to be weighed down with the weight of the world but rather standing firm with joy, hope, peace, excitement for the days we are living, and laughing whenever possible!

After hearing God speak to him and through him for the first time, Aaron gave his life to pursuing after the voice of God.  Believing John 10: 3 and 4, that all of God’s people know, hear, and will follow the voice of Jesus, Aaron agreed with God that his life was to do whatever he could to help others recognize they also hear God speaking to them as well.  

What drives Aaron is helping believers rely solely on the Holy Spirit for truth, understanding, and direction by pursuing the Voice of God.  It is as important today for God’s people to place their confidence completely in God, the presence of the Holy Spirit, and being led by the Holy Spirit to accomplish the call on their lives in this world as citizens of the Kingdom of Heaven.

Growing up in Central Texas, the outdoors and sports have been a major part of Aaron’s life.  Hunting, fishing and playing golf are some of Aaron’s favorite activities when being with his family and friends.