To Encourage. To Equip. To Strengthen.

If we are pursuing after what God has asked us to do, or pursuing Him to find out what we should be doing and we find ourselves in a bad mood or struggling to be or find love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness or self-control…that is not an indication of us not hearing Him well or Him not speaking. Alternatively, it is an indication of us not aligning completely surrendered to His Kingdom.

For me, specifically, I may be doing my best to be obedient to His word or command, but if the fruit of the Spirit is not present in my pursuit, it’s because I have moved His command under the “authority” of my agenda.

The enemy of God is really, really good at what it does. It has been doing it for thousands of years, using all things to manipulate people, even using the word and command of God. Remember, satan even tried to use the word of God against THE Word of God in the wilderness after 40 days of fasting. That’s a perfect picture of how uncreative the enemy of God is.

The enemy will use the command of God and twist it, luring us ever so slightly to turn against being humble and obedient to the Kingdom of God and begin following what we believe to be God’s agenda, but really it is just our fleshly expectation or interpretation of what the outcome will be from that command.

Remember: The fruit of the Spirit is not a qualification (for being used by God or being loved by God). Likewise, the lack of the fruit of the Spirit (or the presence of the fruit of the flesh) is also not a disqualification (for being used by God or being loved by God). The fruit of the Spirit, presence or lack thereof, is the indication of Who is in control of our lives. 

If you find yourself in a lack of the fruit of the Spirit showing in your life, all that is needed is a quick repentance, resubmission to God, and allow yourself to have a change of perspective issues by the Holy Spirit. He’s so good and kind and gentle to restore the proper perspective, mood, and attitude.